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  1. Gold Y Necklace W/Pendant
  2. Silver Triple Chain Starburst
  3. Silver Ball Necklace
  4. Gold Triple Chain w/Pendant
  5. Silver Triple Chain Necklace
  6. Gold Triple Pearl Necklace
  7. Gold Hexagon Necklace w/Rhinestone
  8. Triple Chain Necklace
  9. Silver Dainty Necklace w/Beads
  10. Triple Chain Pearl Necklace
  11. Rhinestone Bar Necklace
  12. Silver Circle Rhinestone Necklace
  13. Gold Dual Necklace w/Rings
  14. Silver Triple Chain w/Pendant
  15. Silver Necklace w/Square Beads
  16. Triple Chain Sunburst
  17. Gold Triple Chain w/Rhinestone Circles
  18. Dual Chain w/Circle Rhinestones
  19. Circle Rhinestone Necklace
  20. Silver Circles Necklace
  21. Gold Circles Necklace
  22. Silver Dual Starburst Necklace